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Glorifying God By Making Disciples

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Malco Razorback Theatre

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Three Things of Which I'm Convinced

I am so encouraged to see God moving and cause a revitalization of these truths.

1) I am convinced that there is great power in God’s Word. We have a habit of saying, “The messenger is nothing; the message is everything”. Hear me when I say, I believe that more than ever. I am overwhelmed, often, with the trials and struggles that so many are inflicted with and I know there is nothing I can offer except the amazing truths and promises of God’s Word. I hope this week you are taking hold of God's Word and drawing from that power.

2) I am convinced that the church can withstand anything. I love reading about history and I am amazed as we look at the church and see how it has proven strong in the midst of immense trials. This week, I felt afresh the amazing love of the church when I got an e-mail from a member who is walking through significant difficulties. Through these struggles it has been our church surrounding them and meeting needs that has carried them through. Praise God!!! There is nothing more beautiful than the church, when the church is working properly.

3) I am convinced that God is at work. In so many ways, I am seeing God stirring and changing lives. Now, understand that it is not always comfortable or convenient. I have found that God is not always working off my schedule when it comes to stretching me, but no matter the cost, it is always worth it.

I pray that as you see God’s Word and His work at our church, you are convinced of these things as well. I pray that Harvest is not only a church you attend, but rather a church you serve as well. Let’s lock arms and continue to press into the mission of our Savior - to make disciples.

See you Sunday. You Are Loved.



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Why Does Harvest...?

Why Does Harvest Use the English Standard Version Bible?  It most likely doesn’t come as a surprise to know that the Bible wasn’t written in English. It was written in three different languages. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and small amount in Aramaic, and the New Testament was written in Greek. Thankfully, you don’t need to rush to learn...

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Breakthrough Prayer Wrap Up

Hey Harvest,   I pray that you are doing well and having a great start to the week.    The last several Weekly Connects have covered why we do certain things the way we do. We will for sure continue that as it is incredibly important for our unity to understand those things.    I want to push pause on that for this week.   We just wrapped up o...

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Why Does Harvest...?

Why Does Harvest say "You Are Loved" at the end of every service? Churches can very easily become places where there are so many sayings that it can be a little much can’t it? You may even find yourself saying things that aren’t completely clear in what they really mean. I hope that this phrase you hear at the end of every service at Harvest doesn’t bec...

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Why Does Harvest...

The last several weeks we have been exploring some of the questions that people may have when they visit Harvest. There are a lot of different churches out there and my hope is that in hearing why we do things certain a ways you’ll get to know Harvest a little bit better. This week I want to speak to the following question: Why does Harvest emphasize Small Groups so...

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Harvest Bible Fellowship - Our Family

Melanie and I just got back from the annual Senior Pastors and Wives retreat with all of the Harvest churches around the country. It was an amazing time of encouragement and fellowship. Every year I am amazed at all God is doing in this group of churches, and every time I wish that our entire church was there to hear some of these things. So let me just mention some of the...

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Embrace the Trial

Last week I shared that as I was preparing the message on trials I had a small post-it note that I had written some names on. These were a few names of the people in our church that I knew were going through difficult circumstances. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t getting lost in the abstract of the principles in God’s Word about trials. That’s easy ...

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What Kind of Year will it be?

You know the story of the ten plagues right? In the book of Exodus when God told Moses to go tell Pharaoh to let the children of Israel free. Each time Pharaoh would refuse and so God would send a different plague on the people of Egypt. How many can you name? Well don’t feel bad if you can’t name them all, but I bet there is one that most of you got quickly:...

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Praying Impossible Prayers

This last Sunday we covered the great verse from Luke chapter 1; “For nothing will be impossible with God.” What a great reminder. This verse has been lingering with me for a while now and I want to share with you 2 truths I am taking away from this reality. 1 - We can pray anything.We are really quick to qualify things aren’t we? I know often when verse...

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A Lesson from the Grocery Store

  We closed last week’s message with an illustration about a rule for grocery shopping. They say (I’m not totally sure who “they” are) that you are not suppose to go to the grocery store hungry. Let me say that I fully support this rule. As a person who has realized that if you break this rule and go while hungry, you’re going to come ba...

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Nothing to Say, and a lot to Pray

As you can imagine there is an obvious topic to talk about this week. However, I find myself having a very difficult time figuring out what needs to be said and how it needs to be said. Apparently there are many who don’t seem to be having that problem at all. But of course my desire is to honor the Lord before I honor my own thoughts. So let's do something a littl...

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