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Glorifying God By Making Disciples

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Breakthrough Prayer Wrap Up

Hey Harvest,
I pray that you are doing well and having a great start to the week. 
The last several Weekly Connects have covered why we do certain things the way we do. We will for sure continue that as it is incredibly important for our unity to understand those things. 
I want to push pause on that for this week.
We just wrapped up our series titled Breakthrough Prayer. I want to encourage you to make sure this doesn’t just slip past us as a topic that we looked at but now are on to other things. 
One way that helps solidify the things the Lord is teaching me is to share it with someone. In telling someone these things it creates a sense of accountability to make sure I do something with what I am learning. 
If over the last 5 weeks, God has laid a principle or foundation of prayer on your heart, share it with someone. Whether it’s your small group, someone in your family, or a friend, pick someone and share it. Get someone to come alongside you to help fortify the change that needs to be made.
Prayer is such a catalyst to growth and I hope that you are seeing the next steps to take. Prayer is not just about getting something from God, it’s more about getting with God on something. 
I love you church and am thankful that we are in this journey together to glorify God by making disciples. 
I will see you Sunday and of course if you need anything, please let us know. 
You Are Loved,
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